TUCEPI, a town in the littoral region of Makarska, 4 km southeast of Makarska. Chief occupations are farming and tourism. Nowadays the village of Tucepi is recognized as a popular tourist destination in the guidebooks of modern Croatian and European travellers.

However, thanks to its favourable geographical position, Tucepi has been a settlement for four thousand vears. To the west its boundaries touch the town of Makarska, the only urban centre of the area called the Makarsko primorje or popularly the Makarska Riviera. The imposine mountain of Biokovo represents the northern border of the village.

The hamlets of Tucepi: Podpec. Covici, Srida sela, Simici and Podstup, built in traditional Mediterranean style, are spread over a large area of coastal limestone slopes.Rich in natural water springs, the area abounds withterraced eardens, vineyards and olive-groves. The modern village of Tucepi, situated in the south of the area. along the four kilometres of mild, cultivated pebbly shore, seeks its prosperity in tourism.

Beautiful clean see can be praised with the yearly temperatures which are more than 20 oC. During the summer the temperature of the sea varies from 25 oC and 27 oC. Winters are relaxing and sunny, and summers are long and warm with the refreshing maestral – the wind that from the open sea unobtrusively brings natural refreshment which is highly necessary during the summer days. From other winds we have bura (north wind) which brings coldness and jugo – a warm wind from the sea which brings wetness and it is extremely popular between the admirers of water sports such as sailing and surfing.


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Photo: Ilija Stojadinović

During the tourist season, in all places of Makarska Riviera different manifestations take place – cultural, amusing, sport, recreational... Those are the days of traditional folk festival when the patron saints of the places and the days of the famous history are celebrated. Except of the pageant and folk festivity 'Fishermen nights' and a lot of others amusement and sport events take place. They are taking place on beaches or hotel terraces. In Makarska all performances are included into program 'Makarska's summer'.

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